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Documentary: Fool In A Bubble

Fool In A Bubble explores the journey and conflicts of South African musician and poet, Syd Kitchen. Syd is one of the first white South African artists to play and perform in public with a black South African artist, Madala Kunene. The feature documentary film weaves together Syd’s past, present and foreseeable future as he becomes increasingly politicized and disillusioned with his own career and the state of affairs in South Africa.

Syd questions and deconstructs the meaning of success within his life and his country, cynical of post-apartheid democracy. His ethno-cultural baggage and perpetual survival is dissected in a no holds barred, tour de force of documentary filmmaking. Highlights include a near death accident, alcoholic downfall, intervention, resurrection, recording and launching a milestone album in New York City with ex-South African musicians from Paul Simon’s Graceland.

Syd is remarkably candid, revealing a fragility and self-awareness that makes for compelling viewing. Ultimately, this is a film about hope and transformation through music, poetry and the power of the human spirit.

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